The development of the Going Beyond Undetectable website has been facilitated and funded by Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd as a service to medicine.

Going Beyond Undetectable is designed to help people with HIV find out more about living with HIV.

The goal of HIV treatment is to suppress the amount of HIV in the body (viral load) to undetectable levels. Now that most people who take their medicine can achieve an undetectable viral load, it’s time to go beyond this to reach other long-term health goals for people living with HIV – Going Beyond Undetectable.

The site offers information on some of the main health conditions associated with HIV, with articles written by medical experts. It also suggests a range of questions that you can use to start discussions with your healthcare team about how you can work together to stay healthier for longer.

To help you with your long-term health management a mobile phone app is available to download, which will help you to identify individual risk factors associated with living with HIV.

On the site, you can also watch a film telling the story of a family’s journey to come to terms with the new challenges faced by people living with HIV, and see behind-the-scenes footage of the people who helped influence the script and characters. We hope you find the film both engaging and informative.